Quality Policy - Prudent Corporate

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We understand that our customer has entrusted us to make their financial dream / vision a reality. Upholding their trust is the foremost responsibility of each of our company personnel.

We leverage noble intention; financial investment knowledge, transparency expertise and experience to provide quality investment solutions that meet or exceed the customer’s expectations in the dedicated timelines. We are aiming our operations and quality system to be on top of the world.

Our commitment to the customer is based on total understanding of their needs & expectation. In pursuit of global work pattern, we believe in continual up gradation of processes, which are finely tuned to ensure consistent quality and are flexible to adapt customer requirements.

We strive to keep the dedicated personnel updated with the processes as well as the professional knowledge and improve our system for the benefit of our customer.

Information Security Policy

At prudent, Information Security Management System is voluntary effort and we are committed to identify, evaluate and access the risk for all critical information covering all business processes & personal data of investors with consideration of statutory & regulatory requirements and prepare and follow the risk treatment plan to meet the information security management requirements.

We are committed to implement the dynamic ISMS with the aim of continual improvement. We shall ensure business continuity and safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of people, process and technology of the business and its customers.

We shall continuously provide training and awareness improve the Information Security Management System to reduce business risks and management is committed to provide all resources to protect customer information and safeguard information asset. We are committed to identify and comply all legal / regulatory and contractual obligation related to ISMS.